joe-melodic-dirt-home-studioImmersed in a world of music since a young age, and although through the mind and ears of a drummer, I’ve heard different types of melodies and harmonies through out it all.

I’ve had many drumming opportunities freelancing in small jazz groups, played drums aboard a cruise ship for several months to opening locally for bands like Godsmack and 24/7 Spies with an original rock band I was in years ago.

In 2001 I started getting into keys/synths and began composing songs to record the drums onto.  That quickly developed into buying an electric guitar and bass in 2004 to begin recording that way, while still including the keys as an artistic element.  Eventually this led to putting the sticks aside to focus on recording vocal tracks in 2008 while leaving the drum tracks to my beat making skills.

2010 through mid 2013 I did not play drums much, just the occasional jam here or there.  I also did not produce much music either.  The time off was well needed and also allowed the itch to create and produce music again grow.

By May of 2013, in disgust of feeling like I was getting older, that life was becoming stale and stagnant, loosing touch with my true passion for music, I decided to have at it again.

In picking up the guitar and hitting the record button after having a few years rest, I believe I have captured the energy and excitement that went into laying down the foundation for what will be known as Melodic Dirt.  Vocally, I also believe I am at the top of my game.



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