melodic-DIRT-social-500e****update 1/6/16 this version of the album will be discontinued on itunes and other online stores*****

The decision was made to pull down the debut album from all online stores including iTunes so that the song order for melodic DIRT’s debut album could be changed.  The new song order is now re-published to all online stores including iTunes.

The importance of this was pretty significant actually.  I initially put a lot of time and effort contemplating the song order and previously wrote about it here.  In that article I discussed how churning the song order during music production actually helped the development of the vocals.  It helped because when I would have a breakthrough how I layered a vocal idea against a guitar track… I wanted to then explore applying that potentially to the other songs.  And so the process went on, and on, until I felt it was done.

Well as time elapsed and I had time to congeal, rest and contemplate.  I figured out that I had the song order completely wrong.  You see I have maybe 2 or 3 tunes that are more grunge rock pop than the other more grunge rock metal tunes.  Out of the 7 debut ‘hit singles’ 😉 3 are conceptually different than the remaining 4.

Anyway, beyond the stylistic ordering of the songs.. I also discovered that story-wise the order also made a lot more sense lyrically in the current order that they are in now.





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