nina_2013I wanted to thank KATARZYNA ‘NINa’ GÓRNISIEWICZ for her review on melodic DIRT at  I found the review to be interesting with comments such as:

…this interesting mix results in music that by no means makes for easy-listening, but remains original and intriguing, despite the multitude of influences.

I liked how she listened to each song providing commentary about the whole album.  It was fun to read another persons perspective about the music and I can tell she put some time into the review.

In summary she wrote:

If you’re looking for a tune which a commercial radio station may not play, then melodic DIRT album is what you need. And here’s exactly what Joe is winning you over with – not virtuosity but originality, because not many of you will be able to admit that they’d heard identical tunes before.

Thank you Katarzyna!


KATARZYNA ‘NINa’ GÓRNISIEWICZ is one of the most respected authorities on industrial rock music. Her online magazine, Fabryka Music Magazine, provides comprehensive information on this music genre. NINa’s insightful commentaries give readers up-to-date information about this style of music.

Her article’s and stories include these sterling features.
* Interesting and enlightening interviews
* Honest and impartial interviews
* Relevant and factual news stories
* Beneficial and informative advertising
* Supportive and influential promotions
* Knowledgeable and reputable recommendations

NINa is the architect, inspiration, and the hard-working chairman of Fabryka Music. She is the webmaster and web designer of her website: She offers this clear and simple definition of this music specialty.
“Industrial, as a music genre, is characterized by a hard, solid sound of percussion instruments, electronic melodies, distorted vocals with a cut-and-paste design. Performers are usually white, full of anger, rebelling, touched by pain, and overpowering control. The foreground is occupied by the beat or the drums. Many industrial tracks begin with synthetically generated beats, continuing in a stable recurring pattern. Industrial borrows heavily from electronica, which forms the body of the song. Other frequently used elements are: metallic, dehumanized sounds. The final component is the technique of song creation. The cut-and-paste method is the consistent choice; originating from the software commands ( ctrl+x, ctrl+v ).”

This simple axiom is the guiding philosophy of NINa’s magazine and website; “We create, not aggregate.” She focuses her time and remarkable talents on two primary goals; build a resource for Industrial Bands and develop an information link for fans and followers. The second group would include people who are curious about these bands and their music.

In her reviews, NINa separates the various compositional parts of a song, including the collection of songs in an album. She analyzes the technical and musical elements in a song or album, in an effort to do a comprehensive and fair review. NINa includes the musical contribution of every band member. She gives the reader the opportunity to learn some intimate details about the groups. She has an innate ability to make the band real.

Her friendly and candid nature are conducive to exciting interviews, perceptive reviews. Her distinctive style showcases each band and engages the reader. She has considerable knowledge of this rock sub-genre and the bands that produce this music. NINa is the consummate professional; her multiple talents, extensive experience and acumen have earned her global recognition, and a superlative reputation.


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