In the next couple weeks the songs of melodic DIRT will be published.  The music production has been ninety something odd % complete for the past month or so but there have been some minor tweaks here or there that to me anyway makes a difference.

I’ve been beat tweakin’ a couple songs over the past couple weeks just making sure everything was rhythmically copesthetic.   You see, although I got many years experience as a drummer, when I went to produce these beats for the melodic DIRT music, I produced them with a drum module that you tap with your fingers.  It’s gets a little tricky when tapping a bass drum part with one of your fingers if your used to thinking and playing that part with your feet for most of your life.  Just a minor obstacle for me to overcome.  I’m not looking for sympathy, just laying out the details.

In some cases this mental challenge helped to produce some different beat ideas I may have not come up with otherwise.  In other cases it had an adverse affect where I had to go back in and clean up some of the beat ideas to better go along with the song and guitar rhythm.

In any event, the overall sound production of the songs has been set for a couple months now.  The biggest challenge there was getting it to sound half decent through the built in speakers in my iMac.  I find that this computer reveals much of  the lower mid to low range mud that I wouldn’t have known was there to the extent that it was if I didn’t listen to the songs through it.

Sometimes I think you can get any mix sounding good in your head with studio grade headphones and convince yourself it sounds like some of your favorite bands when in reality when you go to A/B it, it’s totally off.  Hence the importance of pulling your head out of your ass and A/B’ing it in a couple different listening environments at least.

Getting back to producing the beats for melodic DIRT… I used M-Audio Axiom Air -32 Mini (mini M-Audio)  It was inexpensive and worked like charm, I didn’t even have to do anything like go into admin configurations and map stuff out or nothing… just plug and play… who hoo!

For the drum sounds I used BFD which I think stands for “Big Fucking Drums” (I could be wrong about that but it sounds cool anyway).  And yes, they sound awesome.

So stay tuned for the debut release of melodic DIRT within the next couple weeks.

See you on the flip side.


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