mesa-boogie-rectifier-melodic-dirtWhat I’ve been doing with these new remixes is re-amping the guitar tracks with different knob dialings on my Mesa – Rectifier then additionally running through amp simulation within Guitar Rig (Pro Control Room)… just the right mic and amp hit the sweet spot with this new sound. Before that the track is run through the Great River MP-500NV. For new songs I now record directly into the Great River but for these earlier tracks I recorded right into Protools then re-amped through the GR then the Mesa. (I did not have either the GR or Mesa when I started recording)

Also swapped out the bass drum and snare drum for different ones (I use BFD). Now using DW BD and Mapex SD.

I also removed a lot of compression and EQ’ing overall… the sound is MUCH BIGGER and fuller, not as thin (though I originally did not want things to be too muddy and bottom heavy)

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