great-river-mp-500nv-melodic-dirtAs mentioned in other posts about these remixes I’ve been re-amping the the guitar through the Mesa Rectifier with different knob dialings and also utilizing amp/mic simulation through Pro Control Room from Guitar Rig. I know the Mesa tube preamp has amp simulation built in but Guitar Rig amp simulation really helps bring out some great tones when placing the mic towards the cone of the speaker.

I also removed a lot of EQ’ing and Compression off of the Master track which actually results in a bigger, fuller sound. I guess I overdid things initially though it really did not sound that bad… just thinner.

Lastly, with BFD3 I am utilizing a DW bass drum and Mapex snare drum which I have also removed from the drum tack a lot of EQ’ing and Compression.

Funny how less is more!

(the Great River was utilized on all vocals, guitar and bass tracks)

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